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Places to Stay

Explore a range of lodging options in DeSoto County, Florida. From cozy inns to activity-filled RV parks like the Peace River Campground, find your ideal place to stay.

After a day of play, stay in a setting that’s just your style.

With so many choices, you’re sure to discover accommodations that feel just right and fit your budget.

Immerse yourself in the inviting character and beauty of classic hotels in Arcadia, FL listed on the National Register of Historic Places or enjoy the amenities and convenience of the nation’s finest hospitality brands in a welcome selection of prices and features.

For all the comforts for home, settle into vacation rentals or Airbnb’s. Or enjoy a night under the stars with one of DeSoto’s many camping options. Camping experiences range from the wonder and beauty of backcountry camping to the relaxing ease of RV camping (with RV rentals available). Desoto is home to some of the best places to camp in Florida.

At the end of the day, it’s all about custom-tailored contentment in DeSoto County.

Inns & Hotels in Arcadia, FL

From charming inns full of local flavor to comfortable, nationally-known hotel brands, DeSoto County has the perfect spot for you to rest and relax at the end of the day.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

Whether you’re searching for an RV park with a jam-packed social calendar or a quiet campsite on the Peace River, DeSoto County has just what you’re looking for.