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Welcome to DeSoto County, where your dream event awaits amidst DeSoto County’s untamed beauty.

We invite you to explore our enchanting rural scenery, charming venues, and unparalleled local services — as they all come together to ensure your special day is as perfect as you’ve imagined.

Whether you’re drawn to the Peace River, sprawling ranches, or rustic barns, DeSoto County offers a diverse canvas for your celebration. Discover everything you need, from expert event planners to talented vendors, to create a wildly perfect celebration that reflects your unique tastes.

Let us be your guide to a day filled with joy, love, celebration, and the unforgettable allure of Florida Wild.


Whether you dream of an intimate outdoor ceremony under majestic oaks or a grand celebration in a beautifully restored historic building, DeSoto County provides the perfect scene for your unforgettable day.


DeSoto County and the surrounding region, is home to an array of top-tier wedding vendors who excel in transforming your special day into an unforgettable celebration.