Starts 4/14/2024, 01:00 PM
Ends 4/12/2024, 04:00 PM

Join Lorelie for a wonderful shimmy experience!

Attending a belly dancing workshop with friends offers several benefits:

1. Bonding experience: It’s a fun and unique activity that can strengthen friendships by creating shared memories.

2. Fitness and flexibility: Belly dancing is a great workout that improves core strength, flexibility, and coordination for everyone involved.

3. Stress relief: Learning new dance moves and focusing on the music can be a therapeutic way to unwind and de-stress with friends.

4. Cultural appreciation: Belly dancing workshops often include cultural context and history, providing an opportunity to learn about a different culture together.

5. Boost confidence: Mastering new dance techniques and performing in a supportive environment can boost self-esteem and confidence levels among participants.

The Historic Heard Opera House is located at 106 W. Oak St. Arcadia FL, 34266.


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