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We wish this website could allow you to breathe in the fresh clear air of our real Florida heartland right this moment…to bask in the warmth of our sun and our friendly hospitality…to play in the refreshing waters of the Peace River…to taste our home-grown fruit and our home town dining—or taste the thrill of victory as your hunt for the perfect treasure yields success, whether with an antique find from our renowned antique district or a prehistoric prize from our fossil-rich riverbeds.

Still, you can get your feet wet, so to speak, with our  preview here: from a river named Peace to an antique district named Florida’s Best Small Town Antiquing…from historic architecture to prehistoric fossils…from lush citrus groves to luxuriantly landscaped golf courses. When we say our monthly antique fairs and farmer’s markets are really big deals, it’s no exaggeration.  Plus, there’s our yearly Ag Fair, and twice a year Florida’s oldest rodeo will have you on the edge of your seat.

And speaking of your seat, stay right in yours, and start clicking on our Interactive Map to see all that awaits you. The Plan Your Trip page will show you how to put together in the perfect itinerary.

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