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Embrace life in DeSoto County, where community, culture, and the untamed beauty of the Peace River and inland Florida converge. Join us, and experience the warmth and charm that make DeSoto County, Florida a place where people thrive.


DeSoto County schools

Desoto County Schools offer a blend of traditional values and innovative education, set against the backdrop of Florida’s stunning natural beauty. Our schools emphasize excellence, community engagement, and opportunities for students to learn both in and beyond the classroom. Explore a place where education meets the untamed adventure of Florida wild, inviting you into a community where learning knows no bounds.


home sweet home in desoto county

Living in DeSoto County means being part of a community that celebrates its rich heritage and distinct culture, while looking forward towards future growth and happiness.


find your dream home in desoto county

Discover the perfect place to call home in DeSoto County, where old Florida meets the Wild West. Our diverse housing options range from cozy downtown bungalows to sprawling ranches, all promising a welcoming community and a quality of life that’s hard to match.

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