Reef & Beef Restaurant & Lounge

Best Tender In-House Hand Cut Steaks, Delicious Seafood and Poultry! Sandwiches, Soups, and MORE!

We found the Reef & Beef because we have camping property in Arcadia.  We don’t live there, so your mileage may vary.  They do a big lunch trade, and they serve good food.  A lot of southern style dishes and sides.  Like catfish, big ol’ steaks, and quail.  They serve dinner too.  I had the baby back ribs there once.  The side of ribs was so big I’m STILL eating it.  Think … Fred Flintstone and the car that topples.

All this is in the restaurant in the front.  But it is just the warm up for the honky tonk in the back.

Big ol’ rustic place.  Full liquor bar.  Pool tables.  Always entertaining.  Big, big crowds on Friday and Saturday night.

-Cliffy M.
Orlando, FL