Old Town Nutrition

A favorite healthy shop in Arcadia FL for Protein Shakes, Loaded Refreshers, Iced Coffees and more!

One trip through DeSoto County, back in 2022, and that was all Old Town Nutrition owners Emily Perez and Luis Granado needed to know on where to start their next business.

The two already owned one Old Town Nutrition shop established in Tampa, offering tea, coffee, smoothies, shakes and other refresher drinks with nutritional options available.

They opened their Arcadia shop, at 917 E. Oak St., in November 2022.

“We knew the moment we passed by how community oriented it was and small and everyone treats each other as family and we love that,” Granado said. “That’s the reason we picked this town and be able to put this location here and provide a healthy smoothie (coffee and tea) shop for everyone.”

Customers can enjoy a shake, a refresher of coffee, frappe or iced coffee without all the extra calories and sugar. Since opening, the menu continues to evolve with various healthy options.