Neon Moon Saloon recently opened in the former Rattler’s Saloon location in the heart of Downtown Arcadia.

Co-owners Jo Dawn Martin, Corrine Dale and others fully renovated the longtime staple of Historic Arcadia.

Martin, Cowboy Corner CEO, is also now a co-owner of Neon Moon Saloon, a country western bar that opened March 1 in the fully renovated Rattler’s space, 111 West Oak Street, Arcadia, in the pink Rosin Arcade building.

“We have a great space here (and) it’s right in the heart of Arcadia,” Martin said. “We want to create a place right here – an atmosphere, an environment – where people can come and enjoy themselves. We want to have a unique mix of entertainment (and) also to be a venue; it’s going to be very unique and be a great atmosphere.

“The character of this old building (is amazing) and we’re adding to it with a lot of details that look very period.”

Neon Moon hosts weekly line-dancing classes, live music and other events.

“We are creating an atmosphere here,” Martin said. “You can see the wooden beams and we have the Edison-style lights over the pool tables,” she added. “You can see this beautiful vintage lighting that we have on the exposed brick wall. The color scheme in here is phenomenal. It’s going to be a whole experience here for people to come in and enjoy themselves and that’s what we are going for here.”

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