Lions, Tigers & Bears

Here’s a memorable outing for kids of all ages. Check out the amazing wild creatures at Lions, Tigers & Bears. Located in Arcadia, on 40 acres of prime upland oak habitat and pasture land, the wildlife sanctuary provides homes for endangered species and unwanted exotic pets.

Its mission is to provide a permanent, loving home to unwanted exotic pets, non-releasable wildlife, and endangered species. They also have a rehabilitation facility for injured and orphaned native wildlife. Lions, Tigers & Bears believes educating people about animals and their connection to the environment is an important key to good conservation practices.

The wildlife sanctuary is open  by appointment only.  Give them a call at 863-494-0054 to schedule your guided tour TODAY! Special educational group rates are available. Lions, Tigers & Bears is closed in July and August.

You can also support their efforts by visiting the online store.  Visit them online and on Facebook