Jungle Doria’s Wildlife Park

Feel the call of the wild at Jungle Doria’s, an experience of wildlife featuring everything from alligators and Mules to Madagascar lemurs, emus and more!

Jungle Doria’s Wildlife Park – a real outdoor adventure experience!

Located on the same property of Peace River Charters, 4192 SW Adventure Way, Arcadia, FL 34266, Jungle Doria’s spotlights lemurs, emus, snakes, alligators and more.

Krystalynn Doria, along with her husband Clay Doria, both have years of experience working in zoo environments, including Busch Gardens, Sea World, Naples Zoo and other facilities. 

“Between the two of us, he’s (Clay) kind of the reptile guy and I’m more birds and mammals,” Krystalynn Doria said. “We have over 10 years of experience working with animals. We want to spread that passion with everybody because … we found that when we were younger when you get to see the animals up close and learn about them, it makes you care about them more.

“We want to be able to give that feeling to people in the community.”

Jungle Doria’s teamed up with Peace River Charters in early 2024.

Since then, the zoo owners have created a landscape that feels like a jungle for a real wildlife experience.

That experience builds on the wildlife that was already present at Peace River Charters, such as Dale, a 1,200-pound alligator and a longtime tenant of the destination.

The renovated zoo includes fenced-in exhibits of alligators, mules, horses, bulls and pigs.

The main office is located at 4192 SW Adventure Way. For more information, click here.