Groovy Smoothie

Cool solutions and a healthy start to a hot day!

Groovy Smoothie & Juicery has established itself as a local staple in historic downtown Arcadia, offering smoothies packed with flavor and quality. In the case of a daily base, you might find extra bites like chia parfaits or chocolate avocado puddings. Did we mention there are acai bowls involved?

Recently, Groovy Smoothie added cold pressed juices for guests. 

The juices provide more stable nutrients per serving than other most commonly used juicers.
With extracting the juice without heat, these juices can be shelf stable at proper temps for 5-7 days! Juice cleanses can offer a diet high amounts of rich vitamins & minerals without the insoluble fiber of eating 5 salads a day. Each 12oz juice contains 1-1/2 pounds of produce! Our cooler is stocked daily with a variety of flavors, if you are interested in purchasing a cleanse, reach out 24 hours ahead.

Groovy Smoothie, it’s not a cafe and not a restaurant, but a takeout – easy to order – quick to pick up establishment in the heart of Arcadia.