Florida Farmhouse Coffee shop

A cup of coffee can bring a community together. 

That’s been the experience for The Florida Farmhouse Coffee shop owner Charity Reesor.

“All kinds of varieties of groups of individuals and people have visited the shop and it’s really great to see that,” she said. “There’s no separation when it comes to coffee.”

Since opening January 1, the coffee, bakery and exotic plant shop has been a hit among locals and tourists at its location, 103 W. Oak Street, in the historic pink Rosin Arcade building.

“Our goal, No. 1, (with opening the shop) was to build community,” Reesor said. “We want to know everybody around here and build relationships with people, but also to build relationships with our neighbors. By sitting over a cup of coffee, that just happens. You put your phone away and you just sit and chat.

“Everybody does need a place for that.”

Guest response has been amazing, Reesor said. 

“We’ve had some really awesome reactions,” she added. “Everybody is super excited and sharing on social media, which is really exciting because that’s what gets other people excited.”

For more information, go to Facebook.com/the.florida.farmhouse.coffee or call 941-440-6161.