With a scent of rawhide and cowboy boots, popular Cowboy Corner shop and boutique continues to evolve and expand in downtown Arcadia, FL.

The store recently relocated to 101 W Oak St, Arcadia, FL, to the historic Rosin Arcade “pink building.”

“It was a very easy decision to make just by square footage,” Cowboy Corner CEO Jo Dawn Martin said. “You look around here and you have a sizeable store here compared to the other.”

“As soon as we opened the door over there,” Martin said, referring to Cowboy Corner’s original location at 132 W. Oak St., “We were stacked on top of each other (and) people were having a hard time shopping.

“They couldn’t see what they were shopping for or what we had to offer. The people who were in the space here (in the pink building) decided to make a move and they relocated their store; it was an opportunity for us to grow and that’s what we did.”

Cowboy Corner has also become popular throughout DeSoto County for hat parties where guests can design his or her own cowboy hats. 

“The hat parties have been taking off,” Martin said. “We wanted a space where I could create a place for people to come in here and be artistic and do their thing and this kind of organically happened.” 


name Jo Dawn Martin
phone (352) 598-9201
email ariel@cowboycornerarcadia.com
website https://cowboycornerarcadia.com/
Address 101 W Oak St, Arcadia, Florida, USA Arcadia