Behind the Fence Cafe

A quaint and quiet place, Behind the Fence Cafe offers wholesome breakfast and lunch options in a peaceful environment of plants, fountains and hospitality.

Owner Geri Draper, who also owns Country Cafe next door, initially planned Behind the Fence to be a plant nursery at 2018 SE Carlstrom Field Road, Arcadia.

“This used to be the fruit and vegetable stand and it was going to get bulldozed,” Draper said. “I asked for the chance to fix it and that’s what happened. It was going to start out as a plant nursery but it has since become a plant nursery and café.

She also designs and sells candles and car fresheners, and paints bird houses.

“Eventually, I want to start doing classes at night,” Draper added, referring to painting.  

One reason Draper liked the idea of opening Behind The Fence is that it gave her a place to relax. 

“This one was a way for me to chill out. I love the plants. I’ve always been a plant person. Some I’ve ordered in while others I’ve grown myself that start out as one mother plant and then the others result from that,” she said.

Draper opened the new cafe last fall. Since opening, response from customers has been positive. 

“The customers like the fact that it’s peaceful and quiet,” she said. “I want it to be place for people to enjoy (and) relax, walk around be able to sit back and relax. There are rocking chairs for people to sit in and just relax.”

For more information, find Behind The Fence on Facebook by clicking here.