Arcadia Main Street Program

Downtown ARcadia — a year-round destination for arts, culture and a mix of prosperous businesses.

Arcadia Main Street Program is a non-profit organization designed to improve all aspects of the downtown area. Improving economic management, strengthening public participation, historic preservation, and making downtown a focal point for the entire community is top on the priority list. Making downtown a fun and interesting place to visit is just as important as recruiting new businesses, rehabilitating buildings, and expanding parking.

The Main Street program was created by the National Trust of Historical Preservation in the early 1980’s. The program was designed to revitalize the historic commercial districts that were threatened to extinction by urban sprawl. The four-step Main Street approach is used by over 1,600 communities across the United States and its model has been studied internationally.

Arcadia Main Street is growing and will be hosting many promotional events each year. We will be holding downtown events to encourage public participation in revitalization efforts and growing our area by campaigning to businesses to support economic development.

Arcadia Main Street encourages you to be part of the projects and goals of our organization. With your membership or sponsorship, you will be making a difference in the historic preservation and revitalization of our community. Thank you for consideration and interest in preserving our unique heritage. 

For event information, or how to get involved, go to, or find the group at