Arcadia Livestock Market

May 3, 1939, the Arcadia State Livestock Market held its first sale. Several cattlemen worked with the state of Florida to provide producers with a market that offered competitive bidding from several buyers. During 66 years of growth from a seasonal market to a year round business, only three families have managed the Arcadia Market. The market was managed from 1939 to 1993 by the families of John D. Kelly, Patrick Kelly, and Kay Kelly. In 1994 Philip Turner took over management of the market followed by Roger Lowe in 2001.

During the early years, the only method to ship cattle from the market to their destination was by railroad. Today the rail spur no longer exists at the back of the market. Now with modern transportation, cattle are loaded on gooseneck and semi trailers for transporting to and from the market.

August 31, 2005, was the final sale held at the old Arcadia State Livestock Market. Hurricane Charley on August 13, 2004, finished the damage done over the years by termites. After the hurricane two complete barns were condemned and minimal repairs were completed by the State of Florida. Cattle sales were difficult at best with most of the buyers pens destroyed. Already under construction was a brand new market. Nearing completion, the decision was made to move the auction to the new ARCADIA STOCKYARD. With much consideration and respect for the barn that had served cattlemen for 66 years, we bid farewell to the Arcadia State Livestock Market.

Starting September 14, 2005 a new and exciting era in the cattle business was started. With much pride we have continued the service provided by the livestock market. From the days of loading by the railroad cars to today pulling your truck and trailer through a drive through unloading chute, this facility has been built to be user friendly. Pipe pens, barn fans, and misters keep cattle sold and bought in creature comfort. Specially designed air gates and chutes hold cattle ready for entry into the auction ring.

Also making history for the first time, the ARCADIA STOCKYARD is holding two sales a week instead of one. For the convenience of the cattlemen a Monday sale has been added to the week along with the Wednesday sale. This has caught the attention of the ranchers. Monday’s sales continue to grow with prices strong and volume increasing.

Be part of history in the making and come see the completed and open for business ARCADIA STOCKYARD!