The Board of County Commissioners is seeking applications for the Tourism Development Marketing Grant Program, which will sponsor and promote tourism activities within DeSoto County, bring substantial numbers of tourists/visitors to the County and promote overnight bed stays within DeSoto County.


Eligible Organizations:

  • Must be qualified to do business in Florida.
  • All events, performances, attractions or programs must be open to the public.
  • Events cannot be unreasonably restrictive through admittance fees, public access or crowd capacity, which limits participation by visitors.
  • Events, performances or programs must take place in DeSoto County. If these events, performances, or programs are to be used for fundraising purposes, profits must go exclusively to programs that benefit DeSoto County residents and/or charities.
  • Tourism Development Marketing Grant requires a 25% match.

Eligible Use of Funds:

The following are examples of how tourist development funds may be used to promote tourism in the County:

  • Promotional or advertising expenses in conjunction with an event to increase the awareness of DeSoto County outside this area.
  • Out-of-county advertising and publicity of an event or attraction to increase participation, attendance and awareness including, but not limited to, internet, print, television, audio advertising, and use of billboard advertising.
  • For events taking place in 2023-2024.  
  • This is a reimbursement grant.
  • Grants funded on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds are expended.
  • Marketing material must include website -- -- or Visit DeSoto logo, as seen above.

Maximum Award: Awards shall not exceed a maximum of $3,000.00 per award. The applicant will be required to share in the cost at a ratio of 25% of the award. The County will fund  75%. Applicants shall indicate the amount of funding requested in their application based on ability and commitment to provide a 25% match, up to the maximum award. Applicants may request, or be offered an award, for less than the maximum award.


Logo option for applicants: 

For assistance and to request a logo, email: or

Applications may be downloaded here or picked up in person at our office at:

DeSoto County Administration Building
Economic and Tourism Development Office
Attn: Sondra Guffey or Daniel Sutphin
Turner Agri-Civic Center
2250 NE Roan St.,
Arcadia, FL 34266.
Call: 863-993-4807.
Email: or

Applicant details: Awards and disbursement of funds are subject to budget availability and collections of the Tourist Development Tax. All applications will be reviewed by the Tourist Development Council and final awards will be approved by the Board of County Commissioners, including the total amount of available funds for the award.

Additional information:
Grant Application Checklist
Resolution for Tourism Matching Grant